Youth SEL Programs

CLE | LEAD Part 1A

Are you interested in the arts?! Do you want to nurture your creative side as you develop key social and leadership skills?! If so, CLE|LEAD is the program for you!

We encourage young people to join us in exploring their future dreams through advancing their art talents and meeting new friends. Picture it: state of the art creative studios with cameras, 3D printers, pottery wheels, lights, backdrops, computers and large paint canvases! In addition to the amazing building, the staff are just as cool! BAM, Ana, Steph, Mrs. Neddy, Mr. Banks, Alex, and Mrs. Smith are all professional teaching artists and SEL facilitators with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

CLE|LEAD = leadership, building positive community, and Social-Emotional Learning!

So what we are really saying is that the program is here to empower folks to improve the skills that we all need to be successful, drama-free, happier, and feel fulfilled in the world. We offer classes in the following areas:

    1. Ceramics/Sculpting (pottery wheel, hand building, state of the art kilns, lots of clay)
    2. Photography (work with professional models, high-quality digital cameras, lights, and off-site exploration)
    3. Mixed Media Design (3D printing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom tablets, sketching, acrylic painting, color theory, and mixology)

    Join CLE|LEAD at NewBridge and spend this school year developing and improving your skills 3 days a week (M, W,&F) after school. Set yourself up to make money, think for yourself, and be a part of a positive community. Not only will you have fun, but if you finish out the year you’ll be eligible for a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Pre-College Program and to intern during summer camp with NewBridge staff. CLE|LEAD provides bus tickets and snacks. Also, did we mention that this program is free?!?!

    Must Have Info:

    • CLE|LEAD at NewBridge Cleveland starts on September 9th and ends on April 24th. It's a commitment and it's worth it!
    • Have questions? Email BAM at or call her at 330-234-8974.
    • You are not officially enrolled until you apply online and interview with NewBridge staff. Reach out today!
    • 45 spaces are available for the 2019-2020 school year, but they fill up fast! Apply today!

    NewBridge is currently working with Design Lab Early College, East Technical High School, John Adams - College & Career, John Hay (Early College, Architecture & Design, Science & Medicine), Jane Addams Business Careers Center, Cleveland School of the Arts, MLK Jr. High School, Facing History New Tech, Lincoln West, and High School for Digital Arts for the 2019-2020 school year. If you do not attend one of these schools email BAM for other opportunities.


My Lens - Part 1B

NewBridge is taking on a new off-site program for the 2019-2020 school year! Do you love photography? Are you interested in exploring your identity and the identity of others in the world around you? My Lens is a one-semester (fall or spring) Photography course that uses the power of your camera lens as a tool to explore various interpretations of self-identity, and to learn how others identify as well.

Use your camera to explore yourself, your community, other communities around Cleveland, and other communities around the world! Identity is expressed in many different ways, looks and very different geographically, racially and culturally. Learn to challenge your own personal stereotypes and biases of others. Notice your differences and your similarities to feel united in a greater identity, mankind! Grow empathy, understanding, and social awareness.

Must Have Info:

  • This course is available upon scheduling and contracting with NewBridge. Please contact BAM for more information
  • For the 2019-2020 school year, NewBridge will be collaborating on this project with John Adams Collee and Career and Facing History New Tech high schools.

CLE|LEAD - Part 2, Summer Camp

Fast forward to June 2020! You’ve been with us for CLE|LEAD or My Lens and you are ready to gain job experience, earn money, and positively impact Cleveland. NewBridge will interview and hire a group of students to work as camp counselors and community ambassadors (painting murals, planning projects, and mentoring middle schoolers). For six weeks you will work and train with NewBridge staff, improve your resume, and gain experience you will need to find a job in the future!


CLE|LEAD - Part 3,Return!

Let’s say you really liked your time at NewBridge. Good news! You can come back and rejoin programming as long as you’re still in high school. Student return as youth leaders who set examples for new students, to guide them as they enter CLE|LEAD Part 1!


Cleveland Institute of Art (C.I.A.) Pre-College Program

Imagine: you’ve completed CLE|LEAD or My Lens Parts IA or 1B, and you are ready for a college experience. C.I.A. generously provides eligible NewBridge students with a full scholarship to attend their Pre-College Program! You will get to live on campus, experience college classes, earn college credit, see what dorm life is all about, and make new friends all while creating amazing artwork to build your portfolio!

NewBridge has endless opportunities waiting for you!!! APPLY TODAY!


Funding for our Youth Program is partially funded by the Ohio Arts Council and the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture