Youth Programs


  • Are you interested in the arts?!
  • Do you want to nurture your creative side as you develop key social and leadership skills?!

  • CLE|LEAD is the space for you!

    We encourage young people to join us in exploring their future dreams through advancing their art talents and meeting new friends. Picture it: state of the art creative studios with cameras, 3D printers, pottery wheels, lights, backdrops, painting murals, sketching models, and computers. In addition to the amazing building. The staff are just as cool! Steph, Mrs. Eddy, Mr. Banks, BAM, and Mr. Z are all professional teaching artists and facilitators with different backgrounds and experiences.

    CLE|LEAD = leadership, building positive community, and Social-Emotional Learning!

    So what we are really saying is that the program is here to empower folks to improve the skills that we all need to be successful, drama-free, happier, and fulfilled in the world. We offer classes in the following areas:
      1. Ceramics/Sculpting (pottery wheel, hand building, state of the art kilns, lots of clay)
      2. Photography (work with professional models, high-quality digital cameras, studio, and onsite shoots)
      3. Graphic Arts (Screen printing, t-shirt design, 3D printing, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom Tablets, and more)
      4. Painting & Drawing (sketching, acrylic painting, still lifes, public mural projects, color theory, design, and mixology)

      Join CLE|LEAD at NewBridge and spend this school year developing and improving your skills 3 days a week after school. Set yourself up to make money, think for yourself, and be a part of a positive community. Not only will you have fun, but if you finish out the year you’ll be eligible for a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Pre-College Program. CLE Lead also provides bus tickets and snacks. Also, did we mention that this program is free?

      Must Have Info:

      • CLE|LEAD at NewBridge Cleveland starts on October 1st and ends on April 26th. It's a commitment and it's worth it!
      • Have questions? Email Ben at or text him at 424-298-0447.
      • You are not officially enrolled until you interview with NewBridge staff. Reach out today!

      NewBridge is currently working with Design Lab High School, Jane Addams High School, John Adams High School, School of One, and East Technical High School for the 2017-2018 school year. If you do not attend one of these schools email Ben for other opportunities.

      You matter! Apply now.


    Art Mastery Program

    Students who have successfully completed the NewBridge Leadership program and are interested in furthering their artistic work in the studio are welcome to attend the Art Mastery Program. This highly individualized programming will allow students to work with their teaching artist to further develop their studio skills.


    Creative Minds Summer Camp

    Get those creative young minds engaged through our summer arts program. This six-week program offers middle school students (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) the opportunity to explore three different art forms.

    Courses taught during this program are:

    • Ceramics
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography

    Students will have hands-on fun and learning at NewBridge and on a variety of field trips. Bus tickets and lunch are provided.