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CLE l LEAD Drop-In

And we’re back! For those of you who didn’t know us before, we’re an arts-inspired, social emotional learning (SEL), after-school program for high school students. Do you like to be creative or artistic? Would you like to discuss important topics to you, that maybe you don’t get to discuss at home or at school? Would you like to be in a safe-space environment where you can be yourself and feel seen, heard, and respected by other students and trusted adults? Then, we’d LOVE to have you in our programming!

This year, CLE LEAD will explore 3 SEL concepts of; Identity (self or group/community), Justice Equity and Inclusion (racism, ablism, sexism, etc.), and Health (public, mental, physical, wellness, etc.). We will explore and express these SEL concepts through a mesh of 3 different art studios; Photography, Graphic Design, and Mixed Media (painting, drawing, collaging!). We hope that these SEL concepts will help us reflect on the past year and a half of covid, quarantining, and the rising awareness of racial (and other) inequities, and that we will be able to process thoughts, emotions, and experiences to move forward towards a healthier and more equitable future!

Must Have Info:

  • For questions or more information, contact Bethany A. Monteiro (or BAM) by phone 330.234.8974 or email
  • Invite us to your high school to recruit you and your friends and to get to know and speak with us before programming. Or, don’t wait until then and apply online today! BAM will reach out to you after you complete your application at the yellow link below.
  • During programming, you will additionally benefit from a clean and beautiful environment to learn in, reliable wifi and internet access, snacks every day, and transportation can be assisted for those who need it.
  • You’ll get to learn from and with professional teaching artists; Robert Banks, Natalie Eddy, Emily Foote, and Amanda Smith.
  • We continue to follow covid-19 safety protocols provided by the CDC at our facility! We ask all students to bring and wear a mask. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with one.

Virtual SEL Programming

For the past year, NewBridge has engaged with students and community partners through virtual SEL programming, which thus far has been a great success! Bethany Monteiro (or BAM) has worked with community partners to customize much needed SEL programming for students in these difficult times. Programming has been facilitated for all school levels (elementary through high school) and is created in partnership with national-level, evidence-based SEL curriculum. NewBridge has facilitated sessions with students, focusing on concepts of; stress management, empathy, active listening, effective communication, identity, appreciating diversity, self-efficacy, relationship skills, feelings of connection and belonging, goal setting and achieving, and many more! SEL is needed now more than ever, with all we endure in the world today. If you would like to improve the happiness, self-worth, and communication of your students, contact us today to discuss customizable SEL programming!

Must Have Info:

  • All virtual programming is available upon contacting, scheduling, and contracting with NewBridge. Please contact Bethany Monteiro (or BAM) for more information,
  • Once a virtual program has been confirmed, all participants of that program will need to apply online to NewBridge’s youth programming, link below.
  • Since COVID, NewBridge has conducted virtual SEL programming for Cleveland Metropolitan School District high schools and middle schools, fellow community non-profits, public libraries, youth programs through public hospitals, and is open and looking for more opportunities to conduct programming with Cleveland-Area schools outside of CMSD.

CLE l LEAD Summer Internship

If you have been with us and enjoyed any of our wonderful moments together and would like to spend more time with us, but under different and PAID circumstances, our high school summer internship may just be perfect for you! Every year we hire youth established in our programming within the past year. As a summer intern, you will work as camp counselors or community ambassadors (murals, community projects, and mentoring middle school students). For six weeks you will work and train with NewBridge staff, improve your resume, and gain experiences to benefit your future outside employment!


Cleveland Institute of Art (C.I.A.) Pre-College Program

Are you interested in an artistic career path? Are you thinking about attending college? Are you unsure about either or both of these questions? We have a unique experience for you if you have attended 70% of our after-school programming within the past year. NewBridge Cleveland partners with Cleveland Institute of Art (C.I.A.) to offer select NewBridge students the opportunity to attend 2 weeks of C.I.A.’s pre-college summer program. While in the program, you can live in a college dorm and meet students from all over the country (and the world!), you can take professional art classes with the college’s professors, and earn up to 3 college credits by the end of the 2 weeks! Best of all, it’s FREE to you if you are a dedicated NewBridge student. It’s an incredible experience that will give you a real taste of what college life will be like and will help you make more informed decisions for you and your future.

Must Have Info:

  • Contact Bethany A. Monteiro (or BAM) by phone 330.234.8974 or email for more information and to express interest.

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